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Metal Trigger Snap Hooks

Rome Fastener offers metal trigger snap hooks in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and metals.

Action: a spring-loaded lever is pushed to open the loop, then it snaps back to close the loop when released. These are generally easier to open than the slide bolts.

Also known as "lever snap hooks" or "lobster snaps", trigger snap hooks are commonly used in fashion and also in other applications such as luggage, marine, harnesses, and flag lanyards.

Click this button to search our entire snap hook inventory for a given width (or width range). Hover over an image below to see the strap width and height.
7231 trigger snap hook
7231 snap hook
7149 trigger snap hook
7149 snap hook
7175 trigger snap hook
7175 snap hook
7148 trigger snap hook
7148 snap hook
7146 trigger snap hook
7146 snap hook
7159 trigger snap hook
7159 snap hook
7234 trigger snap hook
7234 snap hook
7235 trigger snap hook
7235 snap hook
7233 trigger snap hook
7233 snap hook
7188 trigger snap hook
7188 snap hook
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