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Snap Hooks Overview

Rome Fastener offers metal snap hooks in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and metals.

There are three basic means of opening and closing the bottom loop: slide bolt, trigger, and gate, all of which are shown below.  Within those categories, we also offer the options of  "rigid snap hooks" and "swivel hooks"  (see below).

You can find additional descriptions of each type by selecting from the "Snap Hooks" menu above.

We offer a variety of eye shapes (what the strap attaches to): rectangular or oval to accommodate flat straps of varying widths, and also round rings for smaller diameter straps, cords or other rings. All of our snap hooks can be specially designed to meet any specific needs that you have.

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Type of Action
Slide bolt snap hook example
Push gate example
Spring gate hook example
Trigger snap hook example
Bolt Snap Hook Push Gate Hook Spring Hook Trigger Snap Hook
Swivel or Rigid Configuration

Swivel Snap Hooks rotate
360 degrees
Swivel snap hook example
Example of a rigid snap hook
Rigid Snap Hooks keep the strap from twisting.
Swivel Snap Hook Rigid Snap Hook
Strap-Style or Ring-Style Eye
Strap style eye example strap style eye example Ring style eye example Ring style eye
Strap-style Eye (for wider straps) Ring-style Eye (for narrow straps, cords and rings)
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