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Introduction to Rivets

Permanent Fasteners

Rome Fastener's KWIK Rivets are a highly efficient way to form a permanent connection of two or more pieces of leather, fabric or other material.

They are manufactured in two parts, a cap and a post (also know as an eyelet). Since rivets are blunt-ended, the material to be riveted must be drilled or punched.

Rivet Parts


The hollow-barreled post is attached to the cap by force of crushing; the barrel deforms permanently into the cap.

Two Value Options

Posts/eyelets are available “capped” to provide an attractive appearance, or “uncapped” for a less expensive, hidden solution.
  capped rivet uncapped rivet  
Rivet Measurements

There are two basic measurements that describe the dimensions of the KWIK posts/eyelets. They are:
  • “OD” or “Outside Diameter”, which indicates the width of the exposed surfaces of caps and posts/eyelets and
  •  “LUF” or “Length Under Flange” which defines the length of the posts.
  rivet measurements  
When ordering, select a post  length that matches the width of the material you wish to fasten.
Interchangeable Parts
Many KWIK posts come in a variety of lengths and are interchangeable with most of our KWIK rivet caps to accommodate different thicknesses.

Large interchangeable rivets
Small interchangeable rivets

Rivet Applications

Rivets serve as the closure mechanism for numerous small to medium size applications. Among them are:
  • High Fashion - handbags, belts, briefcases
  • Outerware – coats, jackets, parkas
  • Leatherware – luggage, outerware, handbags, wallets, purses, decorative effect
  • Buckles - belts, jeans, footwear
  • Scientific – medical appliances, ECG/EKG monitoring pads, electrical connectivity, NASA space suits
  • Automotive - upholstery, decorative effect
  • Packaging - functional, decorative
  • Military and law enforcement - requiring precision, functionality and adherence to strict specified tolerances (in the US as well as in other countries)
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