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Metal Cap and Hat Buckles

No matter what your requirements for cap adjustment or ventilation, we are sure to have exactly what you need  in our huge selection of:

The items shown below are just selected examples; please click the image below or the link above to see many more options and also to search our inventory for specific dimensions.

We can also provide rapid prototyping and production for whatever custom requirements you have, in any
color (hover here), finish, or metal.

 CLICK ON ANY IMAGE BELOW to see additional options

Hat or Cap snap buckle adjusters
Snap Buckles for Hats

Snap Buckles are popular cap and hat hardware since they allow length adjustment with quick release.

Snap buckles have been used for items such as baseball hats, golf hats, and chin straps.

Hat or Cap prong buckle adjusters
Prong Buckles for Hats

Prong Buckles are our most aesthetic option for cap and hat adjustment. They are also very secure, especially if a grommet is used to reinforce the hole in the hat strap.

We offer prong buckles with swivel prongs or fixed prongs on the center bar of the buckle in a variety of sizes and finishes; click the image to view additional options and to search our inventory.

Hat or Cap slide buckle adusters
Triglide Adjuster Buckles

If your priority is rapid adjustment, Triglide Adjuster Buckles are a good choice. We offer two styles:

Adjustable Triglide Buckles: when you pull on the strap, the center bar moves to the side and locks it in place.

Fixed Triglide Buckles: the center bar is fixed, so it provides a smoother action but does not lock as well.

Custom solutions can be designed upon request.

Hat or Cap clamping buckle with slot
Clamping Buckles for Hats

Clamping hat adjustment buckles provide the most secure rapid strap adjustment. The strap or hat band is gripped by clamping the material onto teeth. The strap isn't likely to tear even under strong pressure because this buckle grips the entire width of the strap.

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