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About Us

For over 80 years, Rome Fastener has provided a broad variety of fastener products to diverse industries.

Our products include everyday items like jeans or baby clothes and more complex products such as automotive, medical ECG/EKG monitoring pads, NASA space suits, and numerous applications for military services.

Based in the US, we manufacture our products to ISO 9001 standards with tight dimension tolerances. We constantly monitor our quality both during and after production.

When you call us, someone will answer the phone immediately. All requests receive a prompt, courteous response from our well-trained, experienced staff.

We specialize in product design and development. Our experienced, creative staff will help you develop your concept into a working drawing. Rapid prototyping gives us the ability to convert a digital file into an actual 3D part overnight.

With a very large inventory of standard stock, many orders can be filled immediately. For other needs, we offer over 100 custom finishes on a variety of materials.

A Family-owned Business

Now in the third generation….

Daniel Reiter
Daniel Reiter
Stan and Howard Reiter
Stan Reiter and Howard Reiter

Daniel Reiter founded Rome Fastener Corporation in 1934. The company was located in Providence, RI and was engaged in the manufacture of brass and steel components for the US military and private sector clothing markets.

He was joined in 1945 by his three sons, Nathaniel, Murray and Stanley after their military service. Nathaniel and Murray ran business and sales, while Stan, the engineer, ran the factory.

Howard, the 3rd-generation Reiter, joined the company in 1990. He is a graduate of Princeton and MIT. He has degrees in engineering and robotics and holds over two dozen patents for innovative fastener designs and applications.

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